About me
Who am I?
Solo Project

This is a story about a project that started with an old friend, but unfortunately, he left it unfinished. However, I persevered and decided to continue the project under my own recognizable name.

I'm an 18-year-old student in the Netherlands, and this project is a hobby that I work on in my spare time. It all began about five years ago when a friend challenged me to create a new model for a server that has since been abandoned. I enjoyed the experience so much that I kept doing it, and my passion for creating Minecraft models and texture packs only grew from there.

I remember spending countless hours poring over Minecraft's block textures, trying to come up with the perfect design that would make my models stand out from the rest. I also enjoyed experimenting with different textures and colors to create a unique look and feel. As I improved my skills, I started getting more requests from other Minecraft enthusiasts who wanted me to create custom models for them.

However, my progress was halted when my friend stopped working on the project, leaving me at a crossroads. But I couldn't let my hard work go to waste, so I decided to pick up where he left off and continue the project alone. It was a daunting task, but I was determined to see it through to the end.

The journey wasn't without its challenges, though. I had to learn how to code to build a website where I could showcase my work and connect with other Minecraft enthusiasts. I started from scratch, building the website using Bootstrap. It was a steep learning curve, but I was up for the challenge.

Today, I'm proud of what I've accomplished so far. I've built a community of passionate Minecraft fans who appreciate my work, and I'm constantly receiving requests to create custom models and texture packs. It's been an incredible journey, and I'm excited to see where it takes me next.

  • Start MKModels
    18 April, 2020

    April 18th, 2020 marked a special day - the official launch of MKModels. This venture was a collaboration between myself and an old friend, and we were excited to see where it would lead us. The name MKModels was born, and we set out to bring our ideas to life.

  • Launch MKModels site
    18 May, 2020

    Although our initial launch was a milestone for the project, our first version of the website was rudimentary at best, as it only served the purpose of showcasing our portfolio, and didn't provide much functionality beyond that. Despite this setback, we remained focused and determined to develop a more robust and feature-rich website that would provide a better experience for our visitors.

  • Launch MKModels site v2
    29 June, 2020

    In just 5 weeks, we transformed our website from a basic portfolio display to a fully-functional webshop. This update marked a significant milestone in the development of our project, as we could finally sell our products online. It was an exciting time for our team as we saw our vision come to life.

  • Solo-Owner
    29 June, 2020

    On the same day we launched the updated site v2, my co-founder and I made the decision that they would step down from their position, leaving me as the sole owner of MKModels.

  • Temporarily stopped custom orders
    18 February, 2021

    Due to the time-consuming nature of fulfilling custom orders, I made the decision to discontinue them in order to focus on developing the webstore for MKModels. This allowed me to streamline the business and provide a more efficient and accessible service for our customers.

  • Launch MKModels site v3
    11 July, 2021

    At this point, I completely overhauled the site design and functionality, resulting in a relaunch that greatly improved the user experience and made the webstore fully functional and easy to use.

  • Stopped
    ~ End 2022

    With diminished motivation and limited time, I was forced to temporarily halt the MKModels project.

  • Revamped MKModels to MelchMwoan
    May 2023

    After regaining my motivation, I decided to restart the project. However, I didn't want to continue with the MKModels name and since it was now a solo endeavor, I rebranded it under my own name as MelchMwoan.